Journal "Disinfection Affairs" (Dezinfektsionnoe Delo) is for professional audience and recommended by Higher Attestation Commission (HAC). Issues quarterly, catalogue “Rospechat” subscription (section 10, subscription index 81926) and at editorial staff. The journal is about management problems and development of disinfecting service of Russia. New regulatory documents, orders, regulations of Chief State Medical Officer, present situation of National organization of disinfectionists (NOD) are reflected in this journal.

"Disinfection Affairs" published from 1992 with Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection & All-Russian Research and Practice Society of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists and Parasitologists.

The main journal sections: "Life of NOD", "Disinfection business management", "Epidemiology", "Disinfection", "Disinsection", "Deratization", "Sterilization", "Laboratory investigations", "Documents of Rospotrebnadzor".

Research and practice and also advertising aids about desinfecting means and equipment for disinfecting, disinsection, deratization and sterilization, manufacturers of these means and equipment are represented in this journal.

Dear readers!

We invite you for cooperation with our journal. We're waiting for your analytic, scientific, practical and disputing materials concerning disinfecting and sterilization problems.

From 2003 the journal was included by Higher Attestation Commission of RF to the list of research and practice medical editions (represented by the leading medical editor) and to the list of periodical scientific and scientific and technical publications of RF (recommended for scientific dissertation results publishing, concerning science degree competition: Doctor/Candidate of Science) on groups of scientific specialties:

• general biology (03.02.03)
• preventive medicine (14.02.00)
• medico-biological sciences (14.03.00)


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