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Disinfection affairs № 1 / 2002



A.I. Levitin, S.N. Pushkarev

 The Astrakhan Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Prophilaktika"

On the changes in the National disinfection organization charter

G.M. Manenkova, L.V. Rodina, V.V. Timoshkov, P.P. Ibadulin, O.S. Khadarcev

Center for State sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in Moscow;
Department of the Ministry of Public Health services of Russia

Morbidity, epidemiology and epizooty of a hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome in Moscow

There is a tend of hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome (HFRS) morbidity growth in the last years, that is caused by number of reported cases in Moscow and other central areas. The high number of rodents (mice) is marked in Moscow forest and park zone at the end of summer and autumn, the natural centers of HFRS are revealed, the separate cases of infected people are registered in the city.

V.F. Kolkov, A.S. Slobodin, E.V. Yurkova

The Moscow Disinfection City Center

Sanitary inspection as a part of antiepidemic protection of population (history and present)

M.V. Skachkov, V.M. Sherstnev, A.G. Yakovlev, M.B. Sherstneva

The Orenburg State Medical Academy,
Center for state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in Orenburg region;
The state unitary enterprise (FSUE) "Dezstation" of Orenburg

Epidemiological and epizootical science features of a hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome in the Orenburg region

G.M. Manenkova, L.V. Rodina, V.V. Timoshkov, L.A. Cvil

Center of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in Moscow

Organization of epidemiological surveillance of nature-focal infections in Moscow

The article presents some information on morbidity, epidemiology and epizooty of nature-focal infections in Moscow. In the city the system of epizootic and epidemiological surveillance of nature-focal infections is developed and the priorities in the work are determined.

I.M. Bondarev,R.S. Ibragimov, B.A. Ponomarev, E.V. Yurkova, N.S. Lobanok

Veneric diseases and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Department of Healthcare Committee of Moscow;
Moscow Disinfection City Center

Organizational and economical methods in management of scabies epidemic process

There are some scabies morbidity decrease preconditions in Moscow city population: 1. Managing, surveillance and executive structures of public health services have in their disposal the resources to protect Moscow population health from a problem of "scabies". 2. The urgency of "scabies" problem for public health services is determined by high morbidity level, and also that scabies tick cause the large loss to Moscow population health. Female tick penetrates into the skin with a speed up to 5 mm per day, and it eats up to 0,65—4,0 mg of vivid tissue of the patient and reproductive itself in a geometric progression at a denominator equal to 10. The population of millions ticks consummates the common weight of soft tissues equal to the weight of 9 men. 3. Optimal methods to fight scabies in Moscow in territories of population service are used by 33,3 % of State Dermatology and STD Clinics and provide an average level of scabies 19,7 by 10000 Moscow citizens, that is less, than 5,1 times in comparison to average scabies rates at the territories of other 66,7 % of State Dermatology and STD Clinics.

N.V. Shestopalov

State Sanitary & Epidemiological Surveillance Department of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

Role of Disinfection actions in sanitary & epidemiological population well-being maintenance in the Russian Federation

А.А. Nafeev

Ulianovsk region Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological surveillance

Epidemiologists and parasitologists Interaction in the study and prophylaxis of zooantroponozes

In the current article there is figured out the common quantity of measures undertaken by veterinary (epizootic related) and sanitary (epidemiological) services in investigation of the diseases causes, factors of their transmission and population susceptibility. There is revealed the transformation of the nature "wild" disease centers into the civilized (anthropopurgic) centers as the result of active changes to environment caused by human activities. Appropriate interaction of the services in the investigation process will promote the improvement of epidemiological and epizootic situation.

V.N. Severunin, A.I. Vikhman, B.D. Komkov, N.V. Chemursieva, E.V. Lapina

Regional center disinfection of city Perm,
"Center of the disinfection of Perm" enterprises

Desinfection enterprises and establishments activities Concept Approaches (in conditions of market economy)

The organizational forms of desinfection services market ordering are offered at the basis of the analysis of the disinfection services market in Perm region. The role of National disinfection organization and it’s regional representatives (if they are established) appears to be a point of discussion.

M.A. Galkina

The Moscow Region Disinfection center

On the Moscow region disinfection service Reform

The author shares his experience of work on disinfection service reforming in Moscow area and on organization and registration of affiliate enterprises and their branches, movable and real estate transfers and other arrangment issues.


The joint-stock company "VELT"

Measures to strengthen and develop the production of domestic disinfection agents as the contribution to strengthening national security of country

Human safety and health, protection and improvement of environment problems are the issues of utmost importance in modern sanitary & epidemiological situation improvement. Extreme cases, bio–terrorism potential threat, legislative gaps as well as budget financing problems of treatment-and-prophylaxis program attract attention in the connection to geo-economic conditions of Russia. Important strategic problem in the sphere of production and practically unmanaged disinfection agents circulation, both Russian and foreign production, needs an immediate solution.

L.A. Ponomareva, N.S. Alexeeva

The disinfection site № 7 "BioKont" of Moscow disinfection city center

Preventive disinfection departments Information Technologies management and organization

In the article we can about the experience of Disinfection site № 7 "BioKont" work in production control system development and realization. New forms of management work based on modern computer technologies are introduced.

P.S. Oparin, S.I. Sheptunov, T.A. Antoniva

Irkutsk regional methodical center of disinfection "Siberia-East"

On the issues of Disinfection regional centers future

Issues of State Sanitary&epidemiological Service of Russian Federation (CSEC) reorganization are discussed in the article. Particularly it refers to disinfection sections. The Regional Methodic Centers, based in 1995, play important role in desinfection. The experience of last years and necessity of the further improvement of CSEC work is a point of discussion.

I.V. Korabelnikov

The federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) "Desinfection" of Republic of Komi

Activity of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance disinfectology at the present stage

The article suggests a discussion, and contains not indisputable generalizations. We offer the reader to take part in the discussion.