The editors office, editorial board and National organization of disinfectionists as the publisher of the Journal "Disinfection Affairs" support the policy directed at the observance of the publishing ethics principles and admit that tracking of the observance of publishing ethics is one of the main components of review and publishing process and also declare lack of abuse of official position.

Ethical rules and norms correspond accepted by leading international scientific publishing houses. Observance of ethical standards and rules obligatory for all participants of process of the publication of scientific materials: authors, reviewers, associate editors, editors and staff of publishing house.

Responsibilities of Chief Editor

General management of the edition. Is responsible for making decision on what from presented to editorial office of the journal of works should be published. The decision on the publication is made on the basis of scientific reviews and opinion of associate editors. Evaluation of works has to be based only on their contents and quality of scientific results, despite of a floor, race, sexual orientation, an ethnic origin, religion, nationality or political views of the author. Information on the presented manuscript can be provided only to the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, members of an editorial board, the publisher.

It is necessary to demand to provide to the Chief Editor from all authors of the journal data on the corresponding competing interests and to publish corrections if the conflict of interests was exposed after the publication. In case of need, other action suitable a case, such as the denial publication can be carried out. 

Responsibilities of reviewers

Reviewing helps the Chief Editor at making decision on work publication, and through communication of edition with the author, can also help the author to improve his work.


Each elected reviewer feeling the incompetence for reviewing of scientific research, described in the manuscript, or knowing that its expeditious reviewing is impossible, has to inform the editor and exclude itself from reviewing process.

Confidentiality and objectivity

Each manuscript received for reviewing has to be considered as the confidential document. It shouldn't be shown or discussed with other persons except for the persons authorized by the Chief Editor. Reviews have to be carried out objectively. Personal attacks to the author are inadmissible. The reviewer should express the point of view clearly and reasonably.

Disclosure of data and conflict of interests

The unpublished data divulged in presented article, shouldn't be used in any own work of the reviewer without written permission of the author. Confidential information or the ideas received at reviewing, have to be kept a secret and not be used for obtaining personal benefit.

The reviewer should refuse the participation in reviewing in case there is the conflict of interests resulting from the competition, cooperation or other relations with any of authors, the companies or the establishments concerning article.

Author responsibility

Originality and plagiarism

Authors of article have to guarantee that they wrote absolutely original work and if authors used work and/or words of other authors, it has to be as appropriate noted by the link or is specified in the text.

Plagiarism has many forms, from a vydavaniye of others work for the before copying or rephrasing of essential parts of others work (without reference to the source), and also to the statement for the rights for the results received in researches, executed by other persons. Plagiarism in all the forms is unethical behavior at the publication and is inadmissible.

Submission of the same manuscript more than in one journal at the same time is unethical behavior at the publication and is inadmissible.

It is necessary to recognize works of other researchers properly. Authors have to give references to publications which had impact on the content of described work.

Authorship of work

The authorship has to be limited to those persons who made the significant contribution to the concept, planning, performance or interpretation of described research.

All persons which have made the significant contribution, have to be specified as coauthors. If any person took part in any essential part of the project, gratitude has to be expressed to it, or it has to be included in the list of coauthors.

Disclosure of data and conflict of interests

All authors have to open any financial or any other essential conflict of interests which could be interpreted as influencing results of an assessment of their manuscript in the manuscript. All sources of financial support of the project have to be opened.

Mistakes in the published works

If the author finds a considerable mistake or inaccuracy in the published work, his duty is urgently to inform the Chief Editor of the journal on it and to cooperate with the Chief Editor to publish a denial or article correction. If the Chief Editor learns from the third party that the published work contains a considerable mistake, a duty of the author is the urgent denial or article correction, or representation to the Chief Editor of the proof of correctness of the published work.