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Disinfection affairs № 2 / 2002




Information on the National Disinfecters Organization Conferences
On the results of members of National Disinfecters Organization membership dues payments (the primary duty of the members)
National Disinfectants Producers Council measures to improve the disinfection aids trade turnover


M.G. Shandala, N.F. Sokolova, E.N. Bogdanova, S.N. Zaretchnaja

Preventive Medicine Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education, I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy

State and perspectives of skill and attestation upgrade system in specialty № 040304 "Desinfectology" improvement

The article shows the figures of changes of the skill and attestation upgrade system during the last 11 years (from 1990 to 2001). There is a detailed analysis of basic statements of "Comprehensive Educational Postgraduate Professionals Training Standard" for the specialty № 040304 "Desinfectology" and, also, some data on the Forms of the Training of Disinfection Professionals activities, developed and approved professional medical disinfecter qualification characteristics as well as the requirements for the disinfectology educational establishments

V.I. Pokrovskij, N.I. Bricko, V.K. Kuralesina, B.P. Liencko, A.J. Mindalina

I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy

New Goals and Matters of Medical and Prophylactic Faculties graduates training

The article deals with the level of medical faculties postgraduates in epidemiology and matters of State Educational Standard improvement. The main point is a necessity of professional and pedagogical tutors stuff skills improvement.

V.I. Khizgjaev

Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in Moscow

Russia Organizational and methodical aspects of disinfection measures control in Moscow enhancement

The control upon the disinfection measures implementation introduction and juridical, methodical and technology basement of the disinfection measures are reflected in the article. The present interest of the work is determined by the fact, that State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance establishments are the only organizations that have the right to fulfill the control upon the quality, completeness and actuality of disinfection measures. Specialized Department in the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in Moscow appearance made possible the volume determination of control measures, undertaken by other structures of the Center.

A.M. Bolshakov

Dean of Preventive Medicine Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education, I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy

Actual problems of Postgraduate State Sanitary and Epidemiological Stuff Training

The report reflects the state of pre- and postgraduate education of medical prophylaxis professionals. The author marks the current Higher School problems and offers the way of their solution. Well-represented graphical material makes it possible to include it into the "Social Hygiene and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service" medicals training.

E.A. Chernikova, V.P. Sergiev, N.A. Romanenko

Parasitology, Parasitical & Tropical Diseases Department, V.I. Martsinovsky Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine RAMS

Degree and postgraduate education in parasitology

The article contains some data on the matters of pre- and postgraduate training of students, medical and laboratory stuff training, beginning from the education, that can be obtained at the newly formed Parasitology, Parasitical and Tropical Diseases Department of I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy.

A.A. Shaposhnikov, M.I. Petrukhina, G.V. Juschenko, E.V. Rusakova, T.G. Suranova, N.V. Starostina

Russian Postgraduate Education Medical Academy of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation

Methodical bases of Epidemiology Training in The System of Postgraduate Education

In the represented material, the authors share their experience of the work in The System of Postgraduate Medical Education, "Epidemiology" specialty in Russian Postgraduate Education Medical Academy of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation. Standardized Program and Qualification Tests, approved by the Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation, support Teaching and Theory Knowledge Testing. Also, there have been developed Education Plans of Certification and Thematic Enhancement Cycles. In spite of that, The Department of Epidemiology shares its educational and pedagogical experience in the part of audience’s practical materials usage while publishing the annual issue of The Department Works, and methods of active education and control.

A.A. Sheparjev, T.V. Makhneva
On some experience in cooperation of Vladivostok State Medical University and Scientific and Industrial Center "MEDIFOX" (Moscow) in specialists training

The article describes positive experience of a Medical higher education establishment and a domestic firm cooperation in disinfectant production that can lead to general cooperation of a higher educational establishment and a commercial firm.


M.I. Levi , U.G. Suchkov, A.G. Konoplyanikov, S.U. Kreyngold, O.N. Scheglovitova, N.U. Brineva

Research laboratory Center of Moscow City disinfection Center;
Medical radiological scientific Center AMS RF (Оbninsk); Epidemiological and microbiological scientific-research N.F. Gamaleya AMS RF Institute (Moscow)

Antimicrobe and citotoxic action of thermobiotics

Thermobiotics was named the microorganisms life products possessing ability to act perish at spores and vegetative cells of different microorganisms and mammalian cancer cells. At the cells grows optimal temperature thermobiotics do not influence at objects cited. The temperature of thermobiotics action depends on the object and is not specific. In the article was given examination results of thermobiotics influence on some microorganisms as well as on the vitality of laboratory cultures of mammalian cells. Thermobiotics are more active to bacteria spores then to vegetative cells. Higher sensitivity of continuous human cancer cells to thermobiotics action then to cultures of normal diploid fibroblast was stated.

E.N. Basova

Disinfection Station № 2 of Moscow City Disinfection Center

Comparative study of "VELTOLEN-EXTRA" and "VELTODEZ" (ZAO "VELT", Russia) antibacterial disinfection aids made of domestic and foreign raw materials

Desinfection active substance "VELTON" is more preferable for disinfectant production by "ZAO VELT" in Russia. By means of an express and simple method it was shown, that "Veltolen", "Veltolen-extra" and "Veltodez" possess strong antibacterial activity to six groups of bacteria. This preparations are permited by Russian Health Ministry for disinfection of bacterial (included tuberculosis), viruses, fungis and especial dangerous infections.

G.M. Manenkova, L.V. Rodina, V.V. Timoshkov, V.P. Golovanova, L.A. Vorontsova, L.N. Rumjantseva

Center for Sanitary and Epidemiology Surveillance in Moscow

Pseudo tuberculosis morbidity dynamics and epizooty process features in Moscow, 1992—2000

Continuous Epidemic and epizootic situation monitoring, conducted for several years, resulted in pseudo tuberculosis morbidity decrease tendency, that is associated with changes in industrial and economic activities infrastructure, that influenced upon contagious sources and transport restriction.

M.N. Kostina, M.M. Maltseva, T.Z. Rysina, E.A. Novikova, V.M. Luboshnikova

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute, Moscow

The first domestic produced anti fly gel and new aids of cockroach and ant eradication ("KONTRA" brand, OOO "VITAMED-SERVICE" company, MOSCOW)

The first Russian anti-fly gel ("Kontra – anti fly gel") has been developed. Food attractants make flies approach the bait, on which they stay for a long time. 100 % flies on the bait eradication is reached for the reason of combined (contact and intestinal) action after several hours. Also there are represented other "Kontra" brand aids for cockroach, ant and rodents eradication.

M.N. Kostina

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute, Moscow

Food insecticide bate as a polycomponent intestinal and intestinal-contact action system

Food bait appears to be a polycomponent system of intestinal and intestinal contact action, efficiency of which depends on a type of active substance, its quantity and food attractants with percent contents indication. Combined baits compositions on different bases are described. Tactics of their implementation is the point of the discussion.

V.V. Olifer, C.A. Roslavtseva, T.Z. Rysina, D.J. Komkov

Scientific Research Institution of Disinfectology of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation

"ATLANT" 50 – K.E. as a new aid of medical disinsection

The article contains the result of research of "Atlant" 50 % e.c. on the base of technical malation, produced by Rotam Group (Hong Kong, China), insecticide efficiency and harmlessness estimation to use it as a disinsectant.

S.U. Kreingold, K.A. Shestakov

Research laboratory center MGCD

Photometric determination of indan-1,3-dions in poisoned grain baits

Uniform determination method of indan-1,3-dions was proposed based on photometry of indan-1,3-dions complexes with iron(III). Molar absorption coefficient of diphenacine, chlorfhacinone, isoindan and ethylphenacine complexes at 490 nm are similar and equal 1300, 1260, 1100 and 960 l/mol · cm respectively.

S.U. Kreingold, K.A. Shestakov

Research laboratory center MGCD

Determination of 1-(1-naphtil)-2-thiourea in poisoning baits

Spectrophotometric methods determination of 1-(1-naphtil)-2-thiourea (NTU) in poisoning baits was proposed. Standard deviation 3—5 %. The first method based on self absorption of NTU at 290 nm, the second method is based on appearance of colored azo-substance from NTU and diazonium sulfanilid.

Resolution of Government of Russian Federation of April 29, 2002 № 284 "On Approval of the Regulations on the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation"
Order of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation of March 18, 2002 № 84 "On implementation of correctives to the Order of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation № 325"
Resolution of Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russian Federation of March 22, 2002 № 13 "On Implementation of sanitary and epidemiological regulations "Intestinal Infections Prophylaxis. SP"

V.V. Timoshkov, N.V. Stepanova, G.M. Manenkova

Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in Moscow

Forteen years of work with Eugenia Vasilievna Karaseva