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Disinfection affairs № 4 / 2006



Information report about conference of Presidium of National organization of disinfectionists № 2006-4 from September, 28, 2006
Congratulate the victors of every year premium of V.I. Vashkov, ectablished by National organization of desinfectionists
About the reception in members of NOD
Information record about entrance of membership payment for 2007
Sibscribing of Magazine "Disinfection Affairs"
Agreement about cooperation of National organization of disinfectionists and
Assotiation of Russian harvesting Companies

N.V. Shestopalov, T.V. Machneva, O.M. Novoselskaya
National organization of disinfectionists, Moscow
About perspectives of interaction of National organization of disinfectionists with МЧС of Russia

The report was heard at Conference of directing formation of medical workers of МЧС of Russia, which consists 16–20 October, 2006 in Sankt-Peterburg. In the report were reflected the targets, tasks and activity of NOD and Soviet of Producers of agents of disinfection, desinsection, deratisation, and equipment; marked are ways of interaction in ensuring the medical service of МЧС of Russia in conditions of extreme situations.

L.G. Panteleeva

Federal state establishment of science "Scientific-research institute of disinfectology" of Federal service in supervision in the sphere of protection of rights of consumers and welfare of a man, Moscow

Condition and ways of perfection of arsenal of disinfecting means for struggle with virus infection

Given is a characteristic of virucide action of disinfectants, containing active substances from various chemical groups: aldehydes, chloractive, oxygen-, phenolcontaining connections, surface-acting substances, alcohols (ethane, isopropanol); their basic good qualities and disadvantages, sensitivity (stability) to them are the viruses. Shown are the preferences of composite preparations before the substations in case of creating of disinfecting means with virucide activity.

G.T. Ajdinov, M.M. Shvager, L.N. Lukashova

Federal state founding of public health "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Rostov region", Rostov-on-Don

About morbidity with virus hepatitis in Rostov region and organization of disinfection measures

Experts-practices share an operational experience on carrying out disinfections actions in cases of occurrence of a virus hepatites and preventive maintenance of their distribution.

G.E. Afinogenov, A.G. Afinogenova, D.A. Svetlov

FGU "Russian scientific research institute of traumatology and orthopedics of R.R. Vreden, Roszdrav", Sankt-Peterburg

Action of polymeric antiseptics on transducing bacteriofages and transduction of plasmoides of medicinal stability to staphylococcus

The results of the investigation were reported to XV conference of National organization of disinfectionists, which was taken place 18–19 of May, 2006 in town Sochi. The work was devoted to study of influence of surface-active skin antiseptics on staphylococcus bacteriofages.

A.V. Ajgusin


New disinfecting means of native delivery on the base of tertiary amines and quanidines in struggle with virus infection

The report was heard at XV conference of National organization of disinfectionists 18–19 of May, 2006 in town Sochi, in which the information was made about disinfection preparation on the base of ЧАС – "Avansept". This preparation has the high antivirus and tubercolocide activity, possesses washing properties, which permits to combine the disinfection with the presterilization work.

V.A. Curcan

Center of Preventive Medicine Balti, Republic of Moldova

Portable bacteriologic test-system for the analysis of microbial semination of the environmental units

A portable bacteriologic test-system has been created, with the help of which it is possible to take samples from environmental units and carry out microbiological analyses. The test-system allows within 3–5 hours, in case of color change or dimness of the nutrient medium, to give a preliminary result of the microbial semination of the substance under consideration and after 8–10 hours the ultimate result.

K.A. Shestakov, A.N. Kochetov

Testing laboratory center; GUP "Moscow municipal center of disinfection"

Evaluation of safety of disinfection means, containing the quarternary ammonium connections, for the purpose of disinfection of incubator

The method of safety is suggested for producing the possibility of forming the aerosoles in air of processed room.

N.K. Kobiakova, O.N. Vorobjeva

"NII of polymers", Dzerjinsk, Nijegorodsk region;
Nijegorodsk state medical academy

New quarternary ammonium connection and disinfecting means on its base

The article contains information about again developed disinfectant on the base of ЧАС "Alkacetam" and created modern effective means on its base "Alkacetam-M", which possesses effective action with respect to bacteria, mushrooms and micobacteria of tuberculosis.

S.V. Volkova, L.G. Panteleeva, I.M. Cvirova, L.I. Anisimova, G.N. Melnikova, V.V. Djakov

ЗАО "Petrospirt", Sankt-Peterburg;
NII of desinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

Some problems of developing native skin antiseptics and other disinfecting means, having virucide activity

In the article described are the problems, arising during the elaboration of new disinfectant means, including the antiseptics, and the ways of their decision.

M.P. Uganov

OOO "Technodez", Moscow

New virulicide preparations and problems of their production

The report was heard at XV conference of National organization of disinfectionists 18–19 of May, 2006 in town Sochi.

A.V. Annenkov

Moscow state university of applical biotechnology

Application of preparation "Descontan" for disinfection of objects of laboratory of veterinary-sanitary expert’s opinion for food markets

In the result of the conducted tests, the authors makes a development that this agent has a disinfecting property and may be recommended on the objects of the meat-preparing industry and in the veterinary laboratories.

N.I. Shashina, O.M. Germant, N.G. Avdeeva, E.A. Machneva

FGUN "Scientific-research institute of disinfectology" Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

Medifox-antitick – is a new acaricide repellent means

The authors give the information about the producing of acaricide-repellent means on the base of mixure of pyrethroids and repellent DETA "Medifoxantitick " and the results of its testing. This agent is effective for protection of people against attacking the ixodes ticks and blood-sucking two-winged insects during processing of clothes.

S.A. Roslavtseva, E.A. Machneva

FGUN "Scientific-research institute of disinfectology" Rospotrebnadzo, Chamber of disinfectology;
MMA by I.M. Sechenov, Moscow

Desinsection in the system of assembly, storage and removing of waste products in treating-prophylactic foundings

About the results of works on application of insects-acaricide means "Cifox" for desinsection of waste products of classes A, Б and B in ЛВУ with the purpose of destruction of synanthrope insects (cockroaches, fleas, ants, louses, larvas and imago of flies, moskitoes), as well as the rat’s ticks and mites.

O.A. Gruzdeva, G.A. Gvelesiani, I.I. Besedina, E.A. Dudina

Filial of FGUZ "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Moscow" in Central Administrative District of Moscow;
OOO "ЭкоРус-21"

About organization and conducting the works on cleaning and disinfecting of system of ventilation and conditioning

Authors, specialist-practical persons, are divided into experience of work on sanitary- epidemiology inspection of system of ventilation and conditioning in dwellings and buildings of public appointing. The received data permit to make a conclusion about conducting of disinfection measures with a view to provide safety of air medium in housings, equipped with of ventilation and conditioning systems.

V.A. Rylnikov

Non-government educational founding of "School-РЭТ", Moscow

Struggle with gray rats in agrocenoses of southern zone of Russia

On experimental model of destruction of grey rats in rice fields of Krasnodar region in the half-year (January-June 1982), are shown the regularity of decreasing and reduceability of their quantity under the action of rhodenticides with poisons of sharp and cumulative actions. High mortality of grey rats from rhodenticides, low immigration component, and as a result, low quantity of manufacturers, absence of social culture, without which there in no successful multiplication marked depression in the five-year (1978–1982) cycle, were the reasons why the quantity of gray rats to autumn 1982 on the section, where they are carried out, are not reduced.

The record of All-Russian conference of parasitologues on theme: "Actual problems of epidemiologic infections on parasites" 6–7 June, 2006
The Resolution of Main Chief Sanitary Physian of Russian Federation № 12 from 14.06.2006 "About strengthening of measures on prevention of spreading malaria in Russian Federation"
The letter of instructor of Federal service on supervision in the sphere of protection of rights of consumers and welfare of a man "About malariologic situation in Russian Federation in 2005"
The Order of Main Chief Sanitary Physian of Russian Federation № 320 from 18.09.2006 "About the regulation of equipment of sanitary-quarantime points"
The Order of Main Chief Sanitary Physian of Russian Federation № 321 from 20.09.2006 "About approval of main directions of activity of Federal service on supervision in the sphere of protection of rights of consumers and welfare of a man for 2007"
The letter of instructor of Federal service on supervision in the sphere of protection of rights of consumers and welfare of a man "About morbidity of interhospital infections in Russian Federation in 2005 and development of epidemiologic supervision of intrahospital infections"
List of the disinfection means, registered in 3d quarterof 2006

Review of monography of K.Etsko "Management in the system of public health"
The price for reclamation materials
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