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Disinfection affairs № 2 / 2001


L.V.Rodina, V.V.Timoshkov, G.M.Manenkova, M.A.Samurov, L.N.Rumjanceva, G.A.Tjutina

State Departament of Sanitary-Epidemiological Supervision, Moscow;
Disinfectional station № 3 of Moscow City Center of Disinfection

Monitoring upon natural focuses of tularemia and leptospyrosis on territory of Kurjanovo

Monitoring of enzootic towards tularemia and leptospyrosis unbuilded territory in the Moscow district Kurjanovo was made for a period of 36 years. The growth of the living territory and anthropogenic action was led to diminution of surfaces suitable for living of the main tularemia source – casteuropean and usual field mice. As a result the loymopotential of tularemia on this territory was steady decreased. The high activity of leptospyrosis focus in Kurjanovo still remains. The source of the leptospyrosis focus are field mice and grey rats.


M.I.Levi, U.G.Suchkov, V.A.Tierushkin, V.G.Sliz-kova, V.JaBessonova, Ju.S.Zueva, N.N.Pankova

Research Laboratory Center MGCD;
The city Hospital № 67, Moscow

Determination of optimal antibiotic for treatment of patients with purulent infection without isolation and identification of pure culture

The option of suitable antibiotic for treatment of patient without isolation of pure culture was based on application of 96-cell plate with dried antibiotics. The subject of investigation was the color and purulent secretion and harvested microflora from it. The antibioticogramma was based on color and the turbidity change of the nutrition solution. The antibioticogramma somewhat changed after contact with antibiotic but these variation was small. In some rare cases the variation was great and this fact must demand the change of antibiotic for treatment of patient. The minimal antibiotic concentration sufficient to neutralize the microflora of purulent secretion (MNC) may be used for prediction of dynamic of bacterial concentration in the mixture with antibiotic.



Research Laboratory Center MGCD

Some principles of antibacterial therapie of bacterial infections

Interaction of antibiotic moleculae and bacterial cell may be described by bazal equotion. The effective antibiotics therapie can be predicted on the basis of correlation of association constant for bacterial receptors and concentration of free antibiotic in the wound. There are three zones of this correlation. In the light of free antibiotic deficit in the wound for rapid eradication of bacteria we propose to fulfil high concentration of antibiotic by extracorporal local antibiotics delivery. This in such circumstances raizes of value of antibiotic moleculae needed for bacterial cell death.



Research Laboratory Center MGCD

Determination of value influenced on the antibioticotherapie effectiveness of patients with purulent infections

In the process of interaction of the bacteria with antibiotic the last divided on the three compartments: a) free antibiotic, b) antibiotic bounded with bacteria receptors, c) antibiotic passed into citoplasma of bacteria cells. The numeral size of three compartments of antibiotic with connection of number of live bacteria are significant for calculation of members of base equation of antibioticotherapie. On the base of this equation was constructed the model of prediction of antibioticotherapie efficacy.


S.U.Kreingold, K.A.Shestakov

MGCD Research Laboratory Center

Experience of detection of some disinfection and insecticide preparations composition

The prosedure of determination of active substances in five disinfection preparations was described.



MGCD Research Laboratory Center

Spectrophotometric method determination of carbofuran

Spectrophotometric method determination of carbofuran was proposed based on the ultraviolet absorbtion of its ethanolic solution at wave length 277 nm.



Desinfection institute Ninistry of health RF

The home microbial preparation "Bacticid"

In the town Berdsk is continued production of the insecticide "Bactoculicid". It’s new name – "Bacticid".



The fight with mosquitos the contemporary state


The regulators of insect development in the medical disinsection



Goverment of the Russian Federation. Resolution from 24.06.2000 № 474

Lists of home and foreign disinfectional means allowed to application on the territory of the Russian Federation №№ 0047-00-0052-00 (with addendums)