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Disinfection affairs № 3 / 2005


The session of the Disinfectants Manufacturers Council
Statute on the Sign "The Preparation is Approved by National Disinfecters Organization"
Programme of Disinfection Institutions and Enterprises Managers Meeting, held on June, 7–8, 2005 in Nizhny Novgorod

T.V. Makhneva
The Disinfectants Manufacturers Council
Disinfectants Manufacturers Council and Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance Institution and Bodies Cooperation Prospects
XIV-th International Medical Exhibition Medicine+ “Disinfection. Disinsection. Rat Eradication." Division Participant Companies Catalogue
XIV-th International Medical Forum Medicine+ Efficacy (June, 7–10, 2005, Nizhny Novgorod)

E.J. Petrov, O.N. Knjagina

The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance Territorial Department in Nizhny Novgorod region

The Principle Directions of the Population Sanitary and Epidemiologic Well-being Provision in the conditions of Nizhny Novgorod Region State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service Institutions and Bodies Reform

The data on the reorganization of the bodies of State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service, problems of anti-epidemic measures, including that with the implementation of disinfection techniques. Authors list the measures held to control disinfection activities and contemplate the ways of the measures to provide sanitary and epidemiologic well-being of the population improvement.

V.V. Dyldin, I.A. Muts, I.M. Bitkov, A.N. Anikin, M.J. Devjatkov

Federal State Healthcare Institution Perm Region Disinfectology Centre;
Federal State Healthcare Institution Perm Region and Komi-Perm Novgorod Centre of hygiene and epidemiology

To the Issue of Disinfection Service and Establishments maintaining the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Surveillance Cooperationэ

Authors share their ideas on the coordination of The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance subordinated establishments and the complex of anti-epidemic measures. Also given is the calculation of the financial expenses necessary for the coordination provision.

G.V. Aidinov, A.N. Lukashova

Federal State Healthcare Institution Perm Region Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Nosocomial Infections Preventive Care Measures Evolution in the Patient Care Institutions in Rostov Region

At the basis of 5-years long nosocomial infections morbidity, formulated were the priority tasks of the hospital acquired infections prevention. Among the numerous measures, such as Nosocomial infection surveillance, bacteriologic and chemical control, special part is played by the disinfectants use approach while disinfection measures provision in clinics, medical waste collection and disposal, and many other things.

E.I. Efimov, E.J. Petrov, T.F. Rjabikova, P.N. Nikitin, G.M. Kazanskaja

N.I. Blokhin Nizhny Novgorod Scientific Research Epidemiology and Microbiology Institute; Nizhny Novgorod Territorial Department of The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being;
Federal State Healthcare Instution Nizhny Novgorod Centre of hygiene and epidemiology

Actual Natural Foci Infections Morbidity in Privolzhsk Federal Administrative Unit (Privolzhsky Okrug)

Data on the Natural Foci Infections Morbidity reflects bad situation in the Privolzhsk Federal Administrative Unit, that is stipulated with the decrease of epizootic monitoring volume, non-satisfactory organizational measures of infection carriers number control, as well as with insufficient works for the waste cleaning in the forest and park area.

L.J. Poslova

Nizhny Novgorod Regional Children’s Clinic

Organizational aspects of Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Operation Provision in Patient and Preventive Care Institutions

Operating the many years experience of a clinical epidemiologist work, author analyses the anti-epidemic measures system in the clinic. It includes such organizational actions as the person, responsible for sanitary and anti-epidemic measures appointment, disinfectants operation, aimed of their rational use, treatment and diagnostic processes epidemic estimation as well as the arrangement and conduction of the manufacturing inspection.

O.V. Kovalishena

The Federal Service for Health Care and Social Development Surveillance Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy

Nosomial Infections Pathogens Description and Their Resistance to Disinfectants

The article gives the results of scientific studies to reveal epidemic and microbiological characteristics of the hospital acquired infections in connection to the clinic type. Results of the analysis made the basis for the techniques to the substantiation of different parameters of epidemic surveillance after the nosomial infections.

L.S. Fiodorova, J.V. Stepanova, N.V. Kozhitchkina

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute;
State Institution Central Scientific Dermatology and Venerology Institute of The Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development

New Footwear Disinfectants

The article represents new disinfectants on the basis of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC). – Formula 1 (Receptura 1) – and QAC with polyhexamethylene guanidine (PMG) – Formula 2 (Receptura 2), designed for footwear disinfection. There were carried out the trials of fungicide action of the preparations according to the standard for Russia techniques. Techniques of different Fungi contaminated footwear disinfection were developed. The results of the trials showed, that the disinfectants have wide range of the fungicide action and effective for different footwear materials in the concentration of 2–3 % and 30–120 min of exposure depending on the processing technique.

V.I. Semilet, A.S. Sokolov, A.K. Brusova, L.V. Shakhova, E.V. Moskalenko, E.G. Klimenko, L.G. Sviridova, L.V. Tchirukhina

Federal State Healthcare Institution Rostov-na-Donu Disinfection Station

On the problem of the time limits of the medical devices sterility, sterilized without a package and placed into the air-sterilizers to the moment of utilization

The studies of the time limits of the sterility in a sealed closed air-sterilizer have been conducted by the authors of the article, including the studies of sterility in an air-sterilizer opened on repeated occasions. The tests were provided with the injection needles, dental borers, knifers, scalpels, surgery pincers, and so on. The researchers got the following results: not packed medical devices, sterilized with air technique, preserve their sterility in a sealed closed air sterilizer for not less than 72 hours; and for 24 hours in the conditions of an air-sterilizer opened on repeated occasions.

M.N. Kostina, M.M. Maltseva, E.A. Novikova, J.V. Lopatina

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute

Development of new preparative forms for professional disinfection produced at the basis of new registered substances

Report at the National Disinfecters Organization XIV-th Congress in Rostov-na-Donu. Given is the information on new active substances and technical products registered in last 2 years. There are appeared new prosperous horizons for domestic enterprises that can develop their own preparative forms at the basis of these active substances instead of purchasing ready for use disinfectants produced abroad.

A.N. Matrosov, M.A. Tarasov, A.A. Kouznetsov, M.M. Shilov, S.A. Yakovlev, S.I. Tolokonnikova, N.V. Popov, V.V. Kutyrev

Russian Anti-Plague Research Institute "Microbe", Saratov

Protective Deratization in the Outskirts of Inhabited Localities in the Territories of Natural Foci of Zoonotic Diseases in Russia

Chemical deratization in the outskirts of human settlements manifested itself as a most useful technique efficient for urgent prophylaxis of zoonotic diseases in the areas, where rodents are the main infection carriers. Nature-protective aspects associated with circulation of rodenticidal preparations are believed to take on special significance. Complex sanitary and technical measures are offered as effective preliminary prevention procedures whose significance, to the authors’ opinion, has obviously been undervalued.

Professional Advice. Premises Protection against rodents. How to Take a Temporary Victory?

V.I. Semilet, A.S. Sokolov, L.V. Shakhova, A.K. Brusova, E.V. Moskalenko, E.G. Klimenko, L.G. Sviridova, L.V. Tchirukhina

Federal State Healthcare Institution Rostov-na-Donu Disinfection Station

Comparative description of some disinfectants corrosive action upon medical devices

The absence of the corrosive action is one of the main requirements for disinfectants. To compare their corrosive action, several upon the medical devices several disinfectants had been selected. They were Samarovka, Brilliant, Supracid, Lizafin-special and Neutral Analyte (ANK). The experiment resulted in that the Neutral Analyte causes the most significant corrosive action upon the instruments, Samarovka solution shows corrosive effect after 3-d – 4-th application, and Brilliant, Supracid, Lizafin-Special don’t show any corrosive effect upon the instruments.

M.I. Shutova, S.V. Ryabov, S.A. Smirnov

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute

The role of attractants in poisoned food bait for rodent control

Comparative tests revealed that the sunflower oil made of the roasted seeds as well as crushed peanuts added to different kinds of bait significantly increased the bait attraction for Norway rats, house mice, and common voles. Forcemeat, fish flour, cocoa powder, and artificial addition agents smelling smoked meat, cheese, and shrimps did not attract house mice and voles but were effective for rats. The influence was more pronounced with the baits containing diphenadione as the poison.

S.A. Roslavtseva, O.Yu.Eremina, I.V. Ibragimkhalilova, E.I. Bakanova, М.А. Alekseev

Scientific research disinfectology institute, Moscow

Baseline susceptibility of laboratory strain of german cockroach, Blattella germanica L., to insecticides

Baseline susceptibility of German cockroach laboratory strain to 29 insecticides from 8 chemical classes was determined. Discriminate concentrations of insecticides was calculated, that may be used in determination of natural cockroach populations resistance ratios.

A.I. Tchizhov

Dezinvest Co, Moscow

Kemi-Side as a new generation disinfectant. The Practical Conditions Trial Results

Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance Lette On the system of medical waste collection while the immunization in the Patient and Preventive Care Establishments of the Russian Federation
The Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation 11/08/2005 #20 Resolution On the Reinforcement of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Preventive Care
Joint letter On the reinforcement of the surveillance after the Poultry Farms and the Poultry Processing Plants
The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being 05.09.2005 № 0100/7195 05 32 Letter “On the Reinforcement of the Surveillance after Poultry Processing Enterprises"
List of the disinfection means, registered in the july-september of 2005