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Disinfection affairs № 4 / 2005



Edict of President of Russian Federation from 14.11.2005 № 1308 "About Decoration with Order "For Services before Native Land IV Degree Onischenko G.G."
Information Report on Meeting of Presidium of National Organization of Disinfectants
Statement About Appropriation of Title of "Honorary Member of National Organization of Disinfectionists"
Information: SUPR
Order of Leader of Federal Service on Supervision in sphere of Protection of Rights and Well-Being of a Man from 02.12.2005 № 785
About NOD members
Information Record Russian Medicial Academy of After Diploma of Education
Information Record about Signature “Etical Code of Council of Manufacturers of Means DDT"

N.V. Shestopalov
Main Directions of Restructurization of Disinfection Profile Organizations of Federal Service on Supervision in the Sphere of Defence of Rights of Consumers and Well-Being of a Man

In the result of development and introduced in Adigea Republic of system of optimization and control and supervision of the disinfection activity it is obtained the increase of effectivity of the carried out measures in the decreasing of number of population of epidemiologic considerable of objects by arthropodas and rodents.

L.A. Doleva, R.A. Agirov
Disinfection is the Basic Element of Guarantee of Welfare of Population

M.G. Shandala

Disinfectology Chamber of I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy

Condition and perspectives of developing and introduction in practise the new disinfectology technologies

The report was made on All-Russian Conference of instructors of disinfection establishments and enterprisers involving June 7-8, 2005 in Nizni Novgorod.

V.N. Bas, A.R. Semenov, I.I. Strelnikov

Rostest-Moscow, Research Laboratory Centre of GUP MGCD

Attestation of Products by Categories of Quality in Disinfectolody

Rostest-Moscow developed the program of Attestation of products by categories of quality. Introduction of Attestation is called by the trouble of consumers with situation of quality and elimination of system of the state inspection. By coordinating the normative documents, the Research Laboratory of GUP “Moscow City Centre of Disinfectology" received the exclusive right of selection, testing and expertises of disinfection means for attestation according to categories of quality.

N.I. Shashina

FGUN "Research Institute of Disinfectology" of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

Ways of decision in Russian Federation the problems of non-specific prophylaxis of tick-borne encephalitis and other infections transmittid by ixodoided superfamily

The content of the article is reported on a conference of instructors of disinfection establishments and enterprisers in Nizni Novgorod June 7-8, 2005. Described is the contemporary situation with agents of non-specific prophylaxy of natural-local infections, causative agents of which are transmitted by Ixodoidea superfamilies. It is proved that in the last decade the probability of struggle with population of ticks with the help of toxic chemicals is diminished. Simultaneously, the considerable successes are obtained in increasing the effectivity of means of individual protection of people from the invasion of ticks-carriers. It is expressed the opinion that in the present time in the prophylaxis of ticks infection the most significat role may be played by the agents of individual protections against the attack of transfers.

N.F. Sokolova

FGUN NII Disinfectology, Moscow

The contemporary problems of organisation and conductance of disinfection means in LPU with intension of preventive treatment of intrahospital infection

In the article, described are the actual problems of organisation and conducting of disinfection measures in LPU, in the part of perfecting the organisation of disinfection measures with regard to a profile of a hospital; requirements to disinfection agents applied in LPU; characteristics of modern disinfecting and sterilising means as will as skin anticeptics, recommended for employment in LPU; the questions of methods of determination of resistance of intrahospital infection, discharged from the patients or carriers and objects of ambient environment.

S.M. Savenko, N.S. Vasilev

СSO FGU KB UD of the RF President; NPO "Vinar", Moscow

Terms and Determinations in the Region of Sterilization of Medical Items

Authors analyze terms and definitions which concepts are entered old and new ГОСТами concerning methods, means, modes of sterilization and disinfection of products of the medical purpose used in a medical practice.

I.M. Abramova

FGUN "NII of Disinfectology" of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

Modern Technologies of Medical prescription Items Sterilization, including the Endoscopes

In the article given is the analyses of the present developments in the sterilization region, including the preliminary sterilization cleaning of medical items. Formulated are the general and special requirements for the tools used for treatment of medical items, as well as requirements to the modern sterilization equipment. Discussed are the perspectives for further development of this region of the disinfectology. Considered are the questions connected with cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of endoscopes and tools for them.

K.A. Shestakov, S.P. Rasnitsyn

Research Laboratory Centre MGCD;
GUP "Moscow City Disinfection Centre", Moscow

Effectivity of Composition of Cypermetrin and Chlorpyrifos Microcapsulated in Liposomes against Common Cockroaches

Determinated is the defenite combination of microcapsulation cypermetzin and chlorpyrifos which ensure high effectivity of means in struggle with common cockroaches resistant to pyrethroids.

S.A. Roslavtseva, E.N. Basova, E.N. Bogdanova, A.Z. Slobodin

NII of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor;
Moscow City Disinfection Station № 2 "GUP" Moscow City Disinfection Centre;
Disinfectology Chamber of I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy

Development of Method of Determination of the Level of Sensitivity of Bed Bugs to Insecticides

It is developed and approved the modified method of determination of level of the resistanse of bed bugs to insecticides. The CK50 and CK95 are determined for insectarium sensitivity of bugs of insecticide colony of seven insecticidy from various chemical groups and are calculated their diagnostical concentrations.

E.N. Bogdanova, S.A. Roslavtheva, A.Z. Slobodin

Disinfectology chamber I.M. Sechenov of Moscow Medical Academy;
Research State of Disinfectology;
Disinfection station № 2 "Moscow City Centre of Disinfection"

Bed bugs (Hemiptera: Cimicidae). Contemporary situation in Russian Federation and disinsection measures against them

It is exposed the increase of meeting and number of `bed bugs in various objects of Moscow. Presented are the results of disinfection measures againt the insects with an employment of line of contemporary insecticide means. Discusseed are the reasons of reanimation of problem of bed bugs and frequent iniffectivenes of disinsection measures against them.

S.M. Savenko, V.P. Burenkov

CSO FGU KB UD of the RF President;

Problems of Delivery and Employment of Chemical Indicators Corrsponding to Standard GOST P ИCO 11140

All terms and conditions for the marking of the manufactured chemical indicators (GOST R ISO 11140-1) are listed in the article. The main difficulty in the standardization of the chemical indicators of the national manufacturers is the absence of the precise test equipment (resistometer), corresponding to the terms of the standard.

A.P. Mochalkin, D.G. Aminov, U.Sh.Bayasitov, A.G. Stepanenko, L.G. Muchutdinova

Bashkir State University;
FGUZ "Disinfection Station", Ufa

Statistical value of connections between solar activity, epidemic,episootic processes at hemorragic fever with renal syndroms in natural focus

S.P. Rasnitsyn

Research Laboratory Centre MGCD;
GUP "Moscow City Disinfection Centre", Moscow

Glue against rodents

The article analyses glue traps as means of control of the rodent pests in comparison to other means of control. The analysis has shown the glue traps as efficient against mice within clean indoors. Glue traps can be recommended for mice capture for the parasitological and microbiological researches as well.

Record of the conference on questions of technical regulation at Federal service of inspection in the sphere of protection of rights of consumers and satisfaction of a man about development of technical requirements “On demands of safety of disinfection means, processes of their treatment, preparation, production, testing, preservation, transportation, realization, application and utilizing" Federal Service on Supervision in sphere of Protection of Rights and Well-Being of a Man from 30.11.2005 № 0100/10719-05-32
Order of Leader of Federal Service on Supervision in sphere of Protection of Rights and Well-Being of a Man from 18.11.2005 № 775 “About Ratification of Forms of Branch Statistical Supervision"

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