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Disinfection affairs № 3 / 2006


Information Report about Conference of Presidium of National Organization of Disinfectionists № 2006-3 from May 17, 2006, town Sochi
Our congratulations
Programme of XV Conference of National Organization of Disinfectionists
Information Report of Participants of XV Conference of National Organization of Disinfectionists
Resolution of XV Conference of National Organization of Disinfectionists
Ours of gratitude

N.V. Shestopalov
Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow
Sanitary-Epidemiologic condition in the country and work of National organisation of disinfectionists

The report of assistant of Supervisor of Federal Service on Inspection in the Sphere of Protection of Rights of Users and Well-Being of a Man, President of National organisation of disinfectionists at XV conference of NOD (May, 18, 2006, town Sochi).

N.Z. Osipova

Chairman of revision commision of NOD

Information Report about the Results of Checking the finance-economical Activity of National Organization of Disinfectionists for a Period from 01 of January to 31 of December of 2005

T.V. Makhneva, V.I. Chepko, A.V. Zakharchenko, A.I. Chijov, D.Yu.Dubinski, V.V. Ryabov, G.I. Kolomnikov, E.E. Kudriavtseva, I.Yu.Iljin, B.E. Topolyanski, V.S. Novikov, L.S. Pomogaeva, D.A. Kurshin, M.A. Suslo, I.PChuev
Deposit of producers means of disinfection, disinsection and deratization in development of disinfection means of Russian Federation
Information Report about the Firms which must Observe the Ethical Codex

The report of the Council of native producers of disinfection, disinsection and deratization means at XV conference of NOD.

M.G. Shandala

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute, Moscow

Struggle with virus infections as disinfectology problem

For ensuring infection safety of patients and personnel in medical establishments, the instruments and surfaces should be worked up with virucide disinfection means. However, up to the present moment, there is no universally recognized individual standard for testing and evaluation of virucidity of their preparation.

N.F. Sokolova

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute, Moscow

Particularty in carrying out the disinfection measures during virus infection diseases

In the basis of analyses of epidemiologic peculiarities of the virus infection diseases methodology of the disinfection measures during various infection diseases, based are organization and conducting of disinfection, sterilization, disinsection and deratisation during infection diseases.

N.N. Nosik, D.N. Nosik, P.G. Deriabin, S.L. Geltukhin

NII of virusology named by D.I. Ivanovsky RAMN, Moscow

Questions of biosafety and virulicide properties of disinfectant agents

The development of effective disinfection preparations, possessing of virulicide properties, displays the important and necessary direction in the struggle with virus infections. In this conjunction, ripened is the necessity of the renewal of the standard documents of the definite virulicide properties of the disinfectant agents and increase of control of produced and registered in the country the disinfectant agents on their virulicide activity.

P.G. Deriabin, D.N. Nosik, N.N. Nosik

NII of virusology named by D.I. Ivanovsky RAMN, Moscow

Up-to-date disinfectant agents in struggle with grippe A of birds (H5N1)

On the models of viruses of polyomielitus, hepatitus C and immunodeficit of a man, experienced more than 30 disinfectant agents, offering to be highly efficient with respect to highly pathogenic strain of virus of grippe A of birds (H5N1)

N.I. Shashina

Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute, Moscow

The disinfectology technologies in Prophylactic of virus natural focus tick infections

The content of the article was reported at XV conference NOD in town Sochi (18–19 may, 2006). The disinfectologic technologies are analyzed and directed to prophylactic of virus infections, agents of which are transmitted to people during the blood-sucking of the ixodic ticks.

E.P. Selkova, T.A. Grenkova

FDUN MNIIEM of named for G.N. Gabrichevsky, Moscow

Epidemiologic foundations of disinfection Prophylaxis of virus infections

Considered are the factors determined the rational selection of chemical agents and regimes of disinfectant measures in virus infections.

I.V. Ibragimkhalilova, O.Yu.Eremina, S.A. Roslavtseva

Scientific research disinfectology institute, Moscow

Baseline Susceptibility of Laboratory Strain of Rat Fleas, Xenopsylla Cheopis (Roths) to Insecticides

Baseline susceptibility of rat fleas laboratory strain to 24 insecticides from 6 chemical classes was determined. Discriminate concentrations of insecticides was calculated, that may be used in determination of natural fleas populations resistance ratios.

E.N. Bogdanova

Chamber of disinfectology of Moscow Medical Academy of I.M. Sechenov

Synanthropization of Ixodidae ticks as the factor of increase in their epidemiological importance

In this article literary and own data about process of settling of city territories of the Russian Federation ticks Ixodes ricinus and I. persulcatus are generalized. It increases the epidemiological importance of ticks since the probability of infection of people ticks encephalite and illness Lima increases. Methods and preparations for liquidation of ticks in city territories are resulted.

V.A. Rylnikov

NOU "School RAT", Moscow

Methods and Means During Carrying Out the Destroying Measurements Against the Gray Rats

Presented is the methodology (scientific system of government of environment of inhabintance of rodents, their community and population from separate forms), technology (method of achievement of admissible point of population) is described; in comparative appearance presented are the agents and equipment during the conductance of destruction measurements against the gray rats.

A.N. Kochetov, S.P. Rasnitsin, U.G. Gorbunova, K.A. Shestakov, I.I. Strelnykov

Experimental of laboratory center;
GUP "Moscow сentre od disinfection";
Institute of general and non-organic chemistry of N.S. Kurnakov

Rodent activity of two modifications of diphenacin

It is shown that different polymorphous modifications of 2-(diphenylacetyl)indandion-1,3 (diphenacin) possess different toxicity for the rats.

S.V. Sennikov, B.A. Petrov

Territorial control of Rospotrebnadzor in Kirov region;
Kirov State Medical Academy

Perfecting the Organisational forms, Developing of New Methods and Means in the Region of Hygienic Teaching, Training and Informing the Population

Perfecting the organisational forms, developing of new methods and means in the region of hygienic teaching, training and informing the population in the territorial management of Rospotrebnadzor in Kirov region and centre of hygiene and epidemiology.

The Resolution of Main Chief Sanitary Physician of Russian Federation from 22.12.2005 № 34 "About Intensification of Supervision about the Tick Virus Encephalitus and Measures of its Prophylaxis"
Letter of Federal Service on Inspection in the Sphere of Protection of Rights of Users and Well-Being of a Man from 21.07.2006 № 0100/7945-06-32 "About maintenance with preparations for preventive maintenance of Tick Virus Encephalitis"
Decision of Chief State Sanitary Physician of Russian Federation from 29.08.2006 № 7 "About measures on struggle against rodents and preventive maintenance natural focUs, especially dangerous infectious diseases In the Russian Federation"
About the Work of Problem Commision № 55.3. "Disinfectology"
Letter of National Organization of Disinfectionists from 01.09.2006 № 168
List of the disinfection means, registered in january-august of 2006

Information Record Russian Medicial Academy of After Diploma of Education
Catalogue of Firm-Participants of Exibition of XV Conference of NOD