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Renat Rashitovich Ibadulin

R.R. Ibadulin, Yu.V. Shiyan
Moscow city centre of disinfection
Moscow city centre of disinfection. 70 years on the guard of sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the country
In the article discussed are the stages of history of the most significant in the country the enterprise of the disinfection profile «Moscow city centre of disinfection» for 70 years. It is shown its role as one of the leading disinfection enterprises in the development of disinfection matters in Russia.
Key words: predpriyatie disinfection profile, history, results of operations.

M.A. Galkina1, O.M. Novosel’skaya2

1National Organization of Disinfectionists;
2Moscow Russian Medical Academy of postdiplome education, Moscow

About cooperation of National organization of disinfectionists and antiplague foundings

The report was listened at the Interdepartment conference of the problems of sanitary protection of the territory of Russian Federation which consists October 21–23, 2009 in Moscow. In the report were lightened the problems of activity of National organization of desinfectionists and were marked the perspectives of cooperation with te antiplague foundings as the prophylactic of origination and spreading of infection diseases, sanitary protection of territories of Russian Federation of final accidents and emergency situations, conservation of the health of nation.

Key words: Governmental Organization, anti-establishment, public and private organizations of disinfection profile, the professional community, emergencies, natural disasters, the elimination of the consequences.

E.V.Pavlenko1, G.N.Leonova1, L.P.Radchenko2
1NII of epidemiology and microbiology, Sibirsk division of RAN;
2FGUZ "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Primorsk region"
Clinico-epidemiological analyses of mite encephalitis in Primorsk region

The current study conducted the clinical, epidemiological comparative analysis for cases of TBE found in vaccinated and non-vaccinated population during 1990s and 2000s. Retention of severe classical features during the course of this neuroinfection was demonstrated in non-vaccinated populations. During mass vaccination, TBE becomes a controlled infection.

Key words: tick-borne encephalitis, morbidity, vaccination.

A.A. Golubkova1, N.I. Shashina2, Yu.V. Dorogina3

1Uralsk medical state academy, Ekaterinburg;
2Scientific research institute of disinfection, Moscow;
3Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg

Lime borreliosis as the actual problem of the megacity

During the period with 1999 on 2007, disease Lime borreliosis (L.B.) of inhabitants of large industrial city of Ekaterinburg is analysed. The high level of disease of L.B., significant fluctuations in duration of time of seasonal rise in 22–27 weeks, active involving in epidemic process of L.B. of city inhabitant is marked. From fallen ill Lime borreliosis up to 27,0% of a megacity is made, at absence of the persons professionally connected to a wood. Communication epidemiological Lime borreliosis in a megacity with Ixodes ticks is shown. A role in maintenance of well-being of the population at Lime borreliosis give the nonspecific preventive maintenance (special processings, means of an individual defence, education and information of the population).

Key words: tick-borne Lime disease, nonspecific prophylaxis, acaricidal treatment.


T.N. Karavyanskaya1, T.A. Zaharycheva3, G.M. Voronkova2 , E.M. Golubeva1, T.V. Mzhel’skaya2, A.V. Schukin2

1Rospotrebnadzor control over the Khabarovsk edge;
2FGUN Khabarovsk NIIAM of Rospotrebnadzor;
3GOU VPO "Far East state medical university" Roszdrava

Results of supervision of transmitting ticks infections in Khabarovsk region in 1998–2007

The authors consider the present tick-borne infections in Khabarovsk region.

Key words: tick-borne viral encephalitis, Ixodes tick-borne borreliosis, tick-borne rickettsiosis, mixed-infection.

L.S. Fedorova1, V.A. Tsarenko2, I.N. Chernyavskiy3

1FGUN "NII of Disinfectology" of Rospotrebnadzor;
2FGUZ "Federal centre of hygiene and epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor"
3OOO "Disassist", Moscow

The conducting of complex disinfection on enterprisers of food industry with the employment of preparations of distinguishing chemical groups

It was conducted the effectiveness of three disinfection means for complex disinfection on food industry.

Key words: integrated disinfection, poliguanidiny, the food industry.

Z.I. Zholdakova, O.O. Sinitsyna, Ye.A. Tul’skaya, E.E. Odintsov, R.A. Mamonov

NII of ecology of a man and hygiene of surrounding medium by A.N.Sysina RAMN, Moscow

Harmonization of requirements on swimming pools safety with the international recommendations

In the paper, the ways of harmonization of hygienic requirements on safe use of swimming pools are considered. The technique for a substantiation of safe application of water disinfectants on the basis of real exposure factors in consideration of complex action is offered. The comparative assessment of the offered technique with the methods and criteria stated in foreign normative documents is presented.

Key words: swimming pools, hygienic requirements, disinfectants, exposure factors, complex action.

V.V. Shkarin, O.V. Kovalishena, A.S. Blagonravova, S.A. Razgulin

GOU VPO "Nizhegorodskaya state medical academy of Federal agency of public health and social development", Nizhni Novgorod

Principles of monitoring the stability of disinfectant means in the frames of epidemiologic supervision of the interhospital infections

In the article discussed are the questions of the monitoring the stability to disinfectants. The authors examine this monitoring as a component of epidemiologic investigation of inner hospital infections. Presented are the peculiarities of organization of monitoring of stability to disinfectants at different forms of medical help (stationary and ambulatory-policlinical) in the period of epidemic unsuccessfulness and in the plan order, on the territorial plane.

Key words: disinfection, therapeutic and preventive institutions, the stability of microorganisms to disinfectants, monitoring of resistance to disinfectants.

I.S. Tartakovskii1, L.G. Panteleeva2, Yu.V. Demina3, T.I. Karpova1, Yu.E. Dronina1, I.V. Novokshonova4, A.L. Gintsburg1, M.G. Shandala2

1GU "Scientific research institute of epidemiology and microbiology named after N.F.Gamaley", RAMN;
2FGUN "NII of Disinfectology" of Rospotrebnadzor;
3Federal service over the supervision of protection of the right of users and welfare of a man;
4FGUZ "Federal center of hygiene and epidemiology" of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

The experience of application in the coolers of disinfectant means for prophylactic of legionellesis

The analysis of effectivity of action of disinfectant preparat “Sanosyl Super 25" against legionellesis confirms the necessity of employment of more large concentrations of disinfectant on biofilms as compared to action on the suspension of kills. Application of disinfectants in the duration of 11 months caused the elimination of biofilms, containing the legionelles. The action of the preparation to planktone forms is less expressed, but also guarantees the permissible level of microbe contamination (less than 103 Coe/l). It is made the conclusion about the prophylactic measures during exploitation of the coolers in the industrial measures of Russian Federation.

Key words: cooling towers, Legionella, contamination, biofilm, disinfection, elimination.

V.P. Klinduhov, T.V. Shevyreva, V.G. Silacheva

Federal service over the supervision of protection of the right of users and welfare of a man in Krasnodar region

Security of sanitary protection of territory of Russian Federation in Krasnodar region in the period of preparation to accomplishing the Olympic and Paraolympic games in Sochi

In the work, the questions are indicated to Olympic and Paraolympic games in Sochi, organization of sanitary-quarantinee control in the points of admission through the border of Russian Federation; it is given the dynamics of passengers, transport means; the conducted and planned organization measures for ensuring the sanitary guidance of territory of Russian Federation. Security of sanitary protection of territory of Russian Federation in Krasnodar region in the period of preparation to accomplishing the Olympic and Paraolympic games in Sochi.

Key words: sanitary-quarantine control, the Olympic and Paralympic games, the checkpoints across the state border, the sanitary protection of the territory of Russia.

N.I. Shashina, O.M. Germant

FGUN "NII of Disinfectology" of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow

the ixodic ticks and rules of the conduct of people during the attendance of territory dangerous during the relation of ticks – the carriers of causative agents. Part 1. Taiga (coniferous forest) and forest ticks

In the article on the scientific-popular level given are brief data about the taiga and forest ticks and their medical meaning, given are the rules of for behavior of peoples during the attendance the territory, dangerous in meaning, the methods and agents of people defence during attacking and sucking of ticks.

Key words: health education, ixodid ticks, tick-borne encephalitis, Ixodes tick-borne Lyme disease.

The letter of Federal service in supervision of protection of rights of consumers and prosperity of a man from 08.02.2010 № 01/1607-0-32 "About the list of endemic territory in ticks virus encephalitis in 2009"
The letter of Federal service in supervision of protection of rights of consumers and prosperity of a man from 29.12.2009 № 01/20277-9-32 "About delivery of explation according to sanitary-epidemiologic conclusion"
The letter of Federal service in supervision of protection of rights of consumers and prosperity of a man from 10.12.2009 № 01/18996-9-27 "About the results of KGL supervision in 2009"
Decision of Main State sanitary physician of Russian Federation from 28.09.2009 № 57 "About strengthening of the supervision of ticks borreliosis (Lime disease) and measures of its prophylactic"
List of the disinfection, disinsection, deratisation means, registered from September 2009 to January 2010